Thursday, July 19, 2007

My Room

This is the hobbit hole of a door leading to the two story stone spiral staircase leading up to my bedroom. Then my bedroom window and view from my bedroom window. I like to open up the glass and play Nat King Cole down into the streets. There is music playing everywhere you walk. Bagpipe players and people play random wind instruments or fiddles on the corners and opera spilling out of the windows. Here's a picture of my view of the big tower clock in the college court next door- i have to peer between to chimneys to catch the glimpse. Chim-chimney chim-chimney chim chim cheroo. Thank you Dick van dyke. Anyway, the clock chimes every half hour. I've gotten used to it. Maybe having lived by train tracks nearly all my life and always having a grandfather clock downstairs has made me amune to waking up to it. We don't have air conditioning here and every old building is made to insulate in winter so we just open the windows to let the breeze through. ALL windows are always open in summer- it is seldom hot enough to make you sweat and there are no mosquitos to avoid either.

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