Sunday, July 29, 2007


So England was the only country in the world to recognize Texas as a country back when we were independent. So there was a Texas Embassy in London. Now, it is a restaurant and I ate there last night. I had a burger and it was quite good. Aside from my Romanian waiter, I really felt very at home there! They did an excellent job of decorating it. I am sure the Brits who go there think it is probably over the top but it actually wasn't. Two stories, dirty plaster thrown on the walls, bright Christmas lights hanging from the high ceiling, murals of Mexican ladies and mustached men in sombreros, concrete floor, mosaics on the tables, good country music playing, and Texas flags hanging from in the middle of the room. There was a flag for almost every University in Texas. The only univ. that had two flags was A&M! So I took pictures! And I bought a t-shirt. There was a big sign for Leddy's boot repair shop and I laughed and laughed because I know where the main one is in the Fort Worth Stockyards and I have shopped there with my daddy. I told the bar tender girls that I am from Texas and that I own three pairs of boots and have had them resoled several times and they didn't believe me- they thought that all the Texas hype there was an overdone joke- nope. The funny thing to see what the photos from concert evens where the Brits had TRIED to dress Texas... hahaha I made fun of those- the guys had painted on frisky beards, had funny wanna-be hats and big red bandannas and no boots. After we got back outside, I had to reorient myself to London because I felt like I had stepped back into Texas. It made me week- I needed that.

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