Friday, July 27, 2007

Lances and Steering Wheels and the Sherriff of Cambridge

Drivers drive on the Left side of the road in UK, Australia, and Japan. FUN FACT: The reason is that when knights jousted, they held the lance in the right hand and therefore passed left!

Today I saw a little boy wearing a full cowboy outfit. hat, chaps, vest, fringe, and a sherriff's badge. I told him howdy. and his mom laughed.
You know the word "sherriff" came from Old English "Shire Reeve" which basically means tax collector of a shire (Cambridge is in Cambridgeshire.) This is why, in Disney's Robin Hood, the wolf Sherriff of Nottingham collects taxes. In America it has come to mean something quite different. By the way, I am 85 miles from Nottingham.

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