Sunday, July 22, 2007


and here are the rafters holding the Lantern together. The trees are the talles in england they were at least 1000 years old when they put them up in 1321 so now they are like petrified.

And he opened up these painted wooden shutters and we looked down from the ceiling into the cathedral room from 140 feet up! The first one is of the lanternwindows were the bouncing light comes in. crazy.

then looking down to the floor.

And since the lantern is this octagon, my friend ran around ducking rafters to the other side and took a picture from across the way. cute huh?

then we went up another stairwell narrower and steeper than the others and that's me on the roof from which you can see 25 miles away! and I am standing in front of the windows which you can see from my shutterspot shot earlier. so i am on top of those rafters now. they replaced the old roof with tin in 19__. Next to gragoyles! those things are pretty spooky close up.

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