Wednesday, December 19, 2012

When the baby got stuck in the bathroom and couldn't get out

Last night, my 14-month-old decided to close himself in my parent's hall bathroom.  Not a strange occurrence except that he also scooted the narrow glass-topped table slightly in front of the door.  The table quickly became wedged between the door, doorstop and corner leaving us with only a 4 inch crack to watch him scream through.  We could not get him out!  As we tried with our fingertips to push the table out of the way, the glass top started to shift, with the baby directly under it.  Hinges are on the inside of this door; window locked.  Breaking either would hurt him, if the metal candle holders and sheet of glass didn't fall on him first.  Chris was calm, but I wasn't.  I started pacing.  Him crying and me unable to get to him bothered me enough, but I could just picture everything falling on him and us STILL not being able to open the door, so I started praying while I paced.  We decided the best shot was to tip the table and let the glass fall away from him, the table legs would be easier to brake than the solid top.  After the crash, we shoved the door in, bending the legs, and Chris grabbed the baby.  He was fine.  Nothing fell on him.  Man, my heart started racing again as I typed that!

Maybe someday we will say, "Remember that time" and laugh, but not yet. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

radio interview and music video

Listen to this interview of a survivor of sex trafficking who works with Love 146 and the director of Houston Rescue and Restore as they explain in brief but excellent reasoning, the framework of the domestic commercial sex trade.

This music video also is worth watching.  "Fragile" by Lamont Hiebert.  It's not your fault.