Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Okay so today when I walked out of our college gate, i noticed a place right across the street called "MichaelHouse" it is 15th century chapel ("chapels"here look more like cathedrals to me they are so big and extravagant) revamped. the exterior looks just like one of the other 20 churches in this town but you go in and it looks like they lifted IKEA out and put in a futuristic coffee and pastry shop. all pale wood and glass and odd changing lights. the stained glass windows are still in place. and the far side of the chapel where the main altar has always been is still the same as it was 300 hundred years ago save a glass wall between it and the shop and some more modern Bright artwork. So they have weekly Bible Studies and communion and everything! It reminded me of the venue but for adults and no video games or anthing haha. I did my Bible at a table on the second floor, which is a half floor only above the bar with couches. I read Acts 8 about the church and then some more about giving. I am so excited! I am going to the discussin group on Thursday!

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Eric said...

Hahaha, "the venue for adults"! Sounds pretty cool!