Wednesday, May 8, 2013

We are moving and I feel...

Coffee and watching petals fall with morning rain from courtyard tree.
Sound, comforting.
Site, lovely.
Sentiment, sad but hopeful.

In a few hours, our tree will no longer be full of bright blooms.  While I am sad to see the change, I have hope because that tree will not be bare.  It will turn a new and vibrant green. These last months, as we prepare to leave our dear friends here, God has given peace and comfort much like this sweet petal-tugging rain.  We have hope that our transition will lead us to a life no less beautiful than that we are leaving, just different.

Our three years here have been like a springtime in our lives.  God has taught us new and wonderful things about community, redemption, and justice.  So, I believe that God gave us this period of growth as a springboard for what is to come.  I am thankful and will always remember our beautiful time in New Jersey.