Monday, September 27, 2010

I wrote a song.

Glory be to God above
May Your love and mercy overcome
On earth as it does in heaven.

Let our every deed proclaim Your name
And our hope for justice prove our faith
In You, the author and perfecter

You bring rest to the weary
You bring strength to the weak
You give peace to the restless
Inheritance to the meek

You call us, Holy Father,
To imitate your selflessness
To feed and comfort,
To pray and listen,
To give our time to the fatherless

To teach and mentor
To help and rescue
Devote our lives to your purposes

… ending:

You bring us hope when we are weary
And strength when we are weak
You give peace when we are restless
Inheritance for we are meek

We commit, Holy Father,
To respond to what you have done
To love the orphan
Forgive our debtor
For such is how you treated us

To feed and comfort
To help and rescue
For such is how you treated us

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Questions to ask ourselves:

Is it wanting nice clothes or is it wanting popularity and acceptance? Is it wanting popularity or is it wanting self-confidence? Is it wanting confidence or is it needing faith?

Is it wanting a car or is it wanting independence and control? Is it wanting independence or is it wanting to depend on something constant?

Is it wanting to be attractive or is it wanting a boy or girlfriend? Is it wanting a bf or gf or is it wanting attention? Is it wanting attention or is it wanting to feel worthy?

Is it working to be good at a skill or is it wanting recognition? Is it wanting recognition or is it building an identity?

Is it really about drugs and alcohol or is it about escape? Is it wanting to escape or is it searching for peace?

Is it wanting stuff or is it wanting satisfaction? Is it wanting satisfaction or is it longing for joy?

Put your faith in God because He is constant. You are worthy in his eyes and if you put your identity in Christ, you will be filled with peace and joy.

Below: This diagram's definition is just not true even though the world tries to convince us that it is. We were not created to be fulfilled by these things.


Rando comments on my blogo:

Comments of this sort appear on my blog posts quite regularly. I assume they are mass dispersed to various blogs, but why is it written in this manner? Perhaps they writer is trying to mask an advertisement a normal post... but the ad part of it is not very clear and it definitely doesn't incline me to look it up. Waste of the wierdo's time.

"Mature Excellent post, after reading several articles on the subject realized that everything did not look on the other hand, a post once very interested. So engrossed that I missed a football Interestingly, and cognitive, and will have something on this subject? Exl how old dupe! Classroom paper, by the way the author would like to offer yandeks.deneg chip set from the site, "Give the ruble." I would give, so to speak on the maintenance. Oh, thank you. very nice, so we would have done so Accidentally saw. Not expect."

Conversation with Mom


So I attended a women's Bible study group that meets every Monday morning- its pretty much a group for stay at home moms, so naturally they bring their kids. Chris asked me how it went and I acted it out for him:
"So how has your week been? Honey, share the ball. My week's been good Tim has been in Uganda and oh sweetie we'll read the book later. And I'm excited to hear about his trip with he gets home. Babe, give him a turn on the cart. I know you're hungry we'll eat lunch in a little while. What did you think of the sermon? Oh Knox don't touch that; play with this instead..." ha.

Mom's response:

That's funny and so true. Only women can multitask like that and keep up with a conversation -- a man wouldn't even try!
Your dad and I were playing golf with another couple one time. And you know how men are so picky about having complete quiet when they address the ball so it doesn't disturb their shot. And women couldn't care less about that. They can stand on the tee or the green and carry on a conversation while they are actually hitting the ball. I always thought that came from having kids with you all the time and having to think about more things at the same time.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

pumpkins spiced lattes available Next Week.

2 feet from my face, a web of Stars of David stamp the soles of tennies propped up on a table at the other end of a girl in a Princeton t-shirt. We sit in a circle of rustic fabriced chairs in an eclectic Tudor-style coffee shop. Across the street, the University stands like a young fortress, the way that Cambridge may have looked in 1550. Classes start in 2 days and America's smartest freshman scurry around clueless and bumping into things.

Outside, summer is seasoned to taste with autumn. Sunflowers still decorate the median and apples grow alongside gourds at Terhun Orchard where patrons can clip their own flower bouquet, harvest pumpkins, and see a Christmas tree farm from afar. There, I felt like I was standing in three seasons at the same time, so I waved goodbye to the flowers, shrugged at the conifers, and picked 12 apples. After I had selected from Gala, Jonathan, and Macintosh apples, I followed a gaggle of guinea hens, who looked like someone had smeared tooth paste on their faces, scurrying like clueless college freshman to the porch-register, where I was greeted by a dog, a duck, and a very long haired cat. $5.

The orchard sells cider, but Starbucks does not yet sell Pumpkin Spiced Lattes. Therefore, it is not fall quite yet, so I didn't buy a gourd.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

New gets old and interesting becomes normal. If you run from that fact then change just becomes routine.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I closed my eyes for the purpose of optimizing my sensory experience three times today.

First at 4:00, after I left the walled garden and sat on the green grass of the allee facing the Georgian-style Phipps mansion, I tilted my head back like a sun-hungry flower and closed my eyes to better feel the wind as it swirled my hair upward and rolled up my neck and face urging me to breathe one of the purest breaths I have ever taken.

Second at 6:30, when Chris and I walked hand-in-hand from the lapping waves across the expanse of white sand, I closed my eyes and relied on him to guide me so that I could better focus on the fine sand that molded to my bare feet with every step and the sound of the ocean.

Third at 8:40, I closed my eyes as the spoon approached my face so that I might savor the taste of hot fudge and caramel on an ice cream-topped brownie in our oak dinning booth... at TGI Fridays.