Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Ely Pictures I Promised

So this is Ely Cathedral. Queen Ethelreda first had a church built here in 673 A.D. and the building as it is now was completed in 1081 except for The Lantern which was built in 1321 after the East tower completely collapsed. I'll tell about that in the next post.

There's me going through the huge enterance door.

And a stained glass window about Noah. Since common people were illeterate then, they put Bible stories on the windows for them to learn them. These windows were put in in the Victorian period/ 1800s because after Henry VIII split from the catholic church as well as the Protestant Reformation, they came and knocked them all out and scraped all the paint off the walls (they used to be vibrant colors, not plain stone) because they thought it was too gaudy and we needed to be humbler. There was another crashing of the surviving colorful cathedrals under Oliver Cromwell because Puritans also wanted everything simple. In the Victorian period, they restored the windows in the newer styles.

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