Sunday, July 22, 2007

Church This Morning

Well, today 5 of us from my school decided to go to "C3," Cambridge Community Church in the suburbs. The congregation was probably about 500 and there was a stage with concert lights flashing and the singers were jumping up and down with their microphones, bass, electric guitar, crazy drummer, and keyboard. It was VERY charismatic, which I cannot say that I expected. They sent off a girl to Cape Town to work in hospital there so we prayed over her and they have a mission group in Uganda for two weeks right now. The church was very alive, and not unlike American Churches.
There's a 3 story Borders bookstore here and I sat up there for the last few hours and child&parent watched and read C.S. Lewis' "Surprised by Joy" chapter 1. I want to try to read it all while I am here- I dont know why I am out buying books though when I dont have room in my suitcase!! I talked a while again with the man from my Bible Study who was C.S. Lewis' pupil. This guy is awesome he just talks and talks and he is so smart- half the time I have no clue what he is talking about but he obviously thinks I do and I don't stop him. He is about the most adorable old man I have ever met. I bring him latin that i have copied down off of cathedral and museum walls and we translate it together.

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