Sunday, July 31, 2011


Chris suggested that we go on a date Saturday night. So did we go local or to Manhattan? Or to Philadelphia? When we lived in Kittery, Maine, we went to Boston for dinner on a few occasions because it was only an hour away. How wonderfully spontaneous. How had we lived only 1.5 hrs from Philadelphia for a year and not gone there yet? Well, I am not bulbous enough yet to pass up a long car ride or a day (well half day) of walking around a historic city, so to Philly we went!

"The Birthplace of America" is a beautiful city. We come from good ole Texas where most buildings are two parking lots apart and few precede 1900 and fewer 1850, so living near historic districts of the 17th and 18th century has been a real treat for this history major! From duty stations to month-long classes, we have had opportunities to explore: Portsmouth, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Charleston and Savannah. I think I have written about each of them some where in this blog. I cannot choose a favorite! Each city enchants me in a different way. There is something about old brick, repainted shutters, courtyard gates and cobble stones beneath the shade of tall trees that both eases me and makes me bounce at the same time.

Independence Hall where the Declaration and the Constitution were signed. And my chubby self in Society Hill, one of my new favorite places.

Activity of the Day:

Lay down and read a book with my apple sauce bowl sitting on my belly. And watch it move. bap bap rooole woooddaddoop bup bup.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pregnancy Diaries:

Chris came home from work to me cooking. He plucked some food off of the underside of my belly, "Did you know that was there?"
Embarrassed, I answered, "No. I couldn't see it." and he laughed at me. But it's okay because he thinks I'm cute.

Chris heard the question from me, perhaps for the first time, "Does this dress make me look fat?"
His response: "Honey, you are fat. But I think you look cute." (followed by a hug and a kiss).

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"Tut tut it looks like rain."

When I open the shades on both the living room window and the breakfast room patio door, one can see straight through our apartment. And when I open the glass on both, the breeze can blow straight through too. Right now, the fresh smelling wind before a rain storm is pushing paper off the desk and spreading magazine clippings from my collage craft around the floor. I would rather clean it up later than miss the feel and smell of the wind. Besides, what else are paperweights for?