Monday, May 18, 2009

Little Trip

Chris had a portcall in Virginia last weekend so he flew me up. In the meantime, my students watched The Hunt for Red October- excellent movie- Sir. Sean Connery played a Russian with a Scottish accent; that's okay because it was still a really good movie.
We went to Colonial Williamsburg

I wish we had taken pictures. We both brought cameras, but didn't take any pics. We walked up and down the street amongst cheese shops and bookshops and taverns. Colonial Williamsburg is the old capitol of VA and still looks the way it did int he 18th century. The employees walk around in colonial garb and speak with old school accents; there is a blacksmith, silversmith, cobbler, weaver, milliner, printer and binder, tailor, cooper, wheelwright, and a gunsmith. It was so green and there were lovely gardens with smell-good herbs and flowers. Chris rebought me a ring therethat I had lost. It is silver and says "vos et nul autre" on the band, which means "you and no other." I love him so much.
Oh and we jitterbugged on the beach!

haha. He picked this one up on the first try. I thought we were going to do another prep and he lifted me right over his head and held me there. I love it! Oh I'm so happy. This is so perfect.
Sunday, we went to Busch Gardens theme park and rode rollercoasters and ate turkey legs and got soaked enough for our toes to get pruny.

Ya that blue ride^ It was fun. ha. He had never had a Turkey leg before, but I wanted one. So we asked around to find where they sold them and he bought one for me. We sat down. He tasted it. Pretty promptly, he got up and went and got his own. I think he liked it. ha. We called our beautiful mothers to tell them Happy Mother's Day and stayed till the park closed.
We got in really late to the base and I dropped him off at the boat at stinkin 5am before I hopped my plane.