Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Love True in the Newspaper

To read Bob Makin's September 28 article about Love True, the awesome organization I am helping found, click  Bob requested personal essays from each of Love True's directors.  Here is the blurb I wrote:

Like many workers in the slavery-fighting community I am motivated by a righteous anger against injustice, but I was primarily drawn to this mission by a desire to see the hearts of victims healed and restored.  I have always cared deeply about the hearts of women.  Once I learned about sex trafficking in 2010, I saw that little could damage a girl’s heart more than daily rape by stranger-clientele and the wrongful stigma that accompanies it.  Prostituted women, more than any need to be restored and told that they are beautiful and worthy of love.  After I embarked on this journey of building Love True, I wrestled with the decision to also love the men who dispirit these women.  For the first time, I saw pimps and johns (buyers of sex) as people who needed healing for their own hearts.  The hearts of would-be victims can best be protected by the restoration of those who provide the demand for their services.  If I really want to help women, I must help men too.  That is why I have taken the position as Love True’s Prevention, Education and Awareness Program Director.  I am drawing on my experience as a teacher to piece together the research of professionals into two innovative and interactive curricula to inform and train vulnerable young people and passionate community members.  My hope is that these programs will transform the futures of both men and women by freeing them from addiction and exploitation and by inspiring many to defend the vulnerable and support victims.