Sunday, July 29, 2007

Other things and Monks in a Pub

After that, we ran down to Piccadilly Circus at night time- that was pretty. It is like New York's Time Square but not quite. Fancy bright lights and signs. Then we walked around China Town before we came back to Cambridge. London has a pretty good China Town.

I went to the British Museum! AAAh Chorus singing. Lovely. We looked thorugh the Greek, Roman, and Egyptian rooms. And I saw the Rosetta Stone- AAAh! I was SO Excited!

HAHAHAHA. Okay so we went to lunch in the oldest brewery in England. Just came upon it on accident- IT WAS SO NEAT!! Huge vats up along the ceiling and catwalks running all the around them. And it was just a neat bar and restaurant too. So we were in there- I was drinking a coca-cola, a really good cold glass bottled one- and this group of guys dressed like monks started streaming in until there were like 15 of them and a few nuns too. We were curious so we started talking to them. They had just come from a jousting festival in Bristol and were starting there London pub rounds so they were tipsy enough to laugh at without being disgusted. They had this banged up antique horn that they were blowing on and they were altogether absolutely hislarious. They were facinated by us Americans. It was just me and these two random guys from my program because we had lost the rest of our group- one is from New Hampshire and one from Arkansas and course the British monk boys only knew were Texas is and they were instantly fascinated with me. I cannot say that there are many things more fun than being the center of 10 cute British monk guys attention for half and hour. They wanted to know know if I ride horses and if I bootscoot and they had me yell "ye ha" and "howdy" and they thought I was cute. I taught a boy to dance a little and then I dipped into him and he swept me up and spun me all around crazy and put me back down- it was funny. Lots of them took pictures with me, two asked for my number, and a tall blond on that kinda looked like Prince William told me that he thought I was very pretty and he asked me if he could please kiss me on the cheek. I said yes and he did. So that was a thrill I dont think I will ever forget it. haha.

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Eric said...

ugh, China town... I had the worst Chinese food ever there... and the floor was so greasy you would just slide on it... grooooossss!

haha, and I remember going to the British Museum to see the Rosetta Stone... I was so tired from our flight that I fell asleep standing up looking at the stone for about 2 minutes, and everyone else walked away and I thought I was lost... it was awesome!