Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What about Second Breakfast?

After Blue Eyes had finished his banana and cheerio breakfast (we are trying to learn baby sign language, but currently he makes his sentiments known by trying to climb out of the high chair then slamming both hands on the tray "hum mm hum mm"), he went to play in the living room and I set out to make my own breakfast, a smoothie.  When he sensed that I was cutting up fruit (strawberries, nectarine, banana, blackberry) he crawled into the kitchen and sat down to watch the process.  I blended and poured my smoothie then walked passed him with it (he had just eaten breakfast and told me he was full) as he watched me pass, he yelled at me "Mah!" and hit the floor with both hands then slumped over in despair.  He is so cute.  So I grabbed a baby spoon and sat down beside him on the floor to feed him from my cup.  Now he is happy and I have a third less smoothie, but I don't mind. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012