Sunday, July 22, 2007


They built the original building over clay which would have been good except that the Queens chapel that they added later rechanneled the water so that the foundation shifted, columns crazhed and boom. It is interesting to see the changed in architecture where they rebuilt and the old part. The older parts are just rows of Norman arches- the half circles on columns and then the more gothic style is the newer part. Anyway, so instead of rebuilding the tower identical to the west tower, they built an octagonal room sort lined with windows that make the light bounce back and forth a certain way to light up the room like crazy beautiful. thus the "lantern."

Here I am walking from the front of the Cathedral to the back ceilngward:
First, the West tower. There is a labyrinth on the floor put in under Queen Victoria.

You can see the Norman arches in the second and third pictures- i wish I had taken one by the transformatin point. oh well.

Then looking up at the lantern which is in the middle of he cathedral. The building is in the shape of a cross which was typical.

Then the elaborate ceiling in the back chapel. It was too high for Cromwell's men to take the paint off so they left it.

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