Friday, July 13, 2007


sitting in the library in a cocktail dress right now because we just finished a banquet and I lingered in my dress because i feel pretty.

I heard loud booms and ran down to a bridge on the river and there i watched one of the most fantastic firework show that ever i've seen! The British pop fireworks for whatever excuse they can find and hey it is friday 13th so why not? ha. It wasn't the most professional of shows but it was fantastic because they were shot off from a college courtyard on the Cam and there were only a few of us, me the only American and there was another old bridge between the launching and us so that it's silhouette was dark in the smoke and all the people were shouting. It really was a grand moment. I won't forget it. scroll here again later and look at the picture i will post.

Tomorrow I go to London. We are seeing Othello in the Globe Theater.

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