Sunday, July 15, 2007

Merry Old London

We took a day trip to London. It is only one hour away. I don't like the idea of being a tourist. I would rather blend in as a local. Since I am a student with residence I can think of my self as an untourist and I like that very much. I actually blend in quite well I think I have a very similar style of clothing to the people here. In fact, I wish I could afford more to shop. I know that I must blend in somewhat because I was asked on a coffee date by a bicycling Englishman yesterday and his line was, "Do you live here? I am new in town." I questioned him a bit and it turned out that he has lived here for a year. haha. That and he is 35. When I told him I was but a young maiden (um no i didn't say that but I like to write it) anyway he didn't seem bothered by my age. I kindly told him no and he rode away.
London was a Saturday and was so packed with tourists! If ever I go again it will be a weekday in April. I'll take a coat that is fine but not again on a weekend in summer.

London was lovely. We watched Shakespeare's Othello in the Globe Theatre and now I am writing an analysis of the character, Iago. I really think they named the parrot in Aladdin after him. He's a jerk.

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Jarrod said...

I like your blog, and I'm definitely jealous of the fact that you're not currently in the U.S.