Friday, June 6, 2008

Today I had a baseball surgically implanted in my ankle.

not really. So I was attacking this V.2 bouldering route on the rock wall at approx 8:30pm... I had worked my way up about 12 or 13 feet and had just finished a cross over and a practical split to the far left. My arms and legs were spread out like a jumping jack at an upward angle with my hands on an outward sloping lower lip. I reached straight up for the second from the last hold and I touched it but my hand slipped off as I initiated the grab and well, the falling through the air part was pretty fun, but I landed and collapsed onto my left foot. It hit the edged of the mat and slipped off to the floor rolling over quitalotabit. I thought I had broken it, but hey I didn't according the rec clinic dude. I may hit up a doctor tomorrow to be safe. right now, my foot is being iced and elevated on the couch armrest. I'm sleeping here tonight. Oh and I bought some snazzy crutches. I can swing pretty far on them which I guess is pretty cool. getting up early to swing to class. yay.

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