Thursday, June 5, 2008

wesley, hip-hop, and fake rocks. nothing deep.

It's what we've all been waiting for. They finally started the road construction outside of wesley. You walk out the door and feel like you are in a prison where ever you turn because the tall wire fences surround you. But a happy prison because hey, it's wesley. The wooden pickets on the far end of the parking lot have been bulldozed to create our new asphalt entrance and you have to drive through the catholic parking lot behind the subway to get to University Left.
Hip-hop is so fun. The instructor is a Fade-to-Black guy. I cannot figure out how he moves the way he does. I really want to be able to do something at least somewhat like that. It looks like there is so much freedom within him and he can just totally express himself and whatever he is feeling. But no matter how hard I try, I will just never be black. I got the routine down and it is pretty fun, but I don't think Fade to Black would let me on the team. Haha.
I rock climbed for while-alota-quite today. They set up a 12' boulder out the rec by the pool. It is pretty sweet. No marked routes and quite a few naturals. I topped out on it twice barefooted, but I couldn't do a natural only climb. I bouldered a bit on the other wall before I left and got the guys working it to teach me some new techniques. Then they let me help them close it up, which was interesting but if anybody knows me, they know I can do few things without screwing up some small thing along the way. So, of course, I didn't tie a rope tight enough when we were taking them down and one end feel with the other one caught up top. Oops. They were nice to me about it. They'll have to lead climb to get it in the morning. I'll be up there to meet up with Stephanie again tomorrow. Think I'm taking a lead climbing clinic in a few weeks.
Carter is a sophomore in high school as of today.
I'm very tired. The last few entries have not had the words "I think" in them. I'm tired.

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