Tuesday, June 10, 2008

ligaments and tendons

news is better than bad. Detached two ligaments around my ankle bone but those don't require surgery and should heal quickly- like 2-3 weeks they will be strong enough to walk with a little ankle brace. Tendons look promising, but he is not sure because it is still so inflamed. I had nearly convinced myself that that lump in my mid-leg was a bundle of snapped tendon(s) being that I felt two pops when I fell and it looked very weird, but he guesses that it is high swelling and blood that hasn't fallen down my leg yet because i have had compression on it constantly. So it wont surgery and 6 months to recoup like i feared. Ya'll should see how purple my leg is. the edges are fading into green now, but it truly looks like the aurora borealis on my leg running from toe to heel and heel to mid-leg and even rapping around to my arch oh and my toes are speckled purple and pink and so puffy it looked like a form of elephantitis for a few days. He'll look at it again next monday... for now i am in a snazzy boot that I can push a button on and it airs up like Nike Air Jordan tennis shoes except they don't help my running and jumping. still can't put pressure on it, so I'm on crutches for a while longer. I hitch rides from wesleyites when i'm running late. this boot is too big to keep wearing my prettifying ankle bracelets- I'll have to make one. He said I should be hopeful about being able to work at camp in 3 weeks(where my job description is to run around), but I probably shouldn't be the ultimate frisbee coach. haha. no juking and probably minimal spinning and landing jitt moves with impact on feet or bouldering for that matter (I messed it by falling while bouldering) for a while-alota-quite. So i don't know if my most recent performance was my last or if I can still get in a few in August. ultimately, good news- that and i didn't climb the route the way felix does because his head is below his body at one point and falling on that is oh just a little worse than your foot right?

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