Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I want to go dancing.
My hiphop class was postponed to wednesday. sad me.
I'm going rock climbing with steph tomorrow. I found my gear. glad me.
Still working out daily. Like it alot. Baty is accompanying me tomorrow.
Spent two hours in starbucks today. Conversed with a Muslim and an unreligious guy that knows alot about alot of religions. interesting
I want to listen to a live band the next time I drink coffee. with dim lights. but I doubt I will.
I bought heavy whipping cream to try to replicate British coffee, still cant do it.
Went to wesley last night. max used me being murdered as an example in his sermon. we met in the lounge instead of the sanctuary and it made for a cozy atmosphere. live band there- i can take unbritish coffee with me there.
got an interview with Garland ISD in NE Dallas sometime next week. excited.
first test is tomorrow. ah.

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