Tuesday, June 10, 2008

apples in pasta- pretty good actually

dinner was curious like normal. I have too many apples so I mixed them into yet another dish of butter and assorted white-cheesified pasta because when you are single, you have to eat from the same packages like 5 times before you run out. good for things that don't expire fast but bad for things like sandwich making stuff (i ate the same sandwich 6 days in a row until things started expiring). Anyway the apples were pretty good in there. I lined the rim of my green Aladdin and Jasmine childhood plate like a flower with the other half of the apple, crispy and cold. pogo hopped into the living room with it, since we don't have a table here, and iced my foot while I ate and finally watched Once. i like it. A very different kind of love story; not really a love story actually; something sort of love-like with a pretty different kind of ending. No, not "A lot like Love" or "Love Actually," neither of which I have seen. "Once," Aptly named.

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