Saturday, June 14, 2008

Spider House Coffee, Latin, and No Sangria

9:30 AM.I'm wearing that thrift store redbird shirt and the Haworth thrift store oldman plaid authentic british driving cap. Rings, bracelets, tasseled necklace, and dangly fair trade earrings. lipstick. my hair is pinned up inside the cap like Joan of Arc and I like it. I feel like I fit in here in Austin pretty well today. Most of the people here dress and talk artsy, paint and instrumentalize artsily. I like it but the life-style that tends to be the backbone of such liberal outward appearance deters me from wanting to live here. I wouldn't mind living near here and visiting town and the hills. Anyway, I am glad I'm here now- it's an all-day-seclude-Heather-in-a-foreign-coffeeshop Latin Work Day. (I was in town for Paige's wedding) My choice workshop location is the Spider House near downtown. Old death-purple wooden house half-hidden by trees with a three tiered patio and a bounty of sweet eugene-style antiques and ridiculus yard art, those 1970s fat colored christmas lights and chairs and tables of coordinating puke colors. I am settled in booth that must have started in a 1950s diner somewhere on the second patio with my bound foot elevated on an orange puke chair. halfway done with my undercooked cinnamon roll (i like them that way) and sipping an odd but good south american herbal tea late. I'll eat lunch here too. Had I company, I'd try their sangria at twilight. Oh I would love that. What a cool atmosphere. I should make up a new adjective to describe it. any suggestions? The day is heating up, I liked it best when the air was still dewey and brisk. Now for sweaty Latin. have a nice day.

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