Thursday, June 12, 2008

I was flipping through England journals and found this pasted in one

I didn't write this. Nick Thorn did about a year ago and he emailed it to me while i was in englad. I was pleased to come upon it so I thought I'd copy and paste it here because I dont think Nick would mind. Nick, may I quote you?

"I have this weird fascination with windshield wipers. For some reason when driving and cars have their wipers on, it makes me chuckle. While driving back from St. Louis in May, it rained all the way from Texarkana to Dallas. Watching my wipers and those of other cars got me thinking. An ideal relationship would work like a set of windshield wipers on a car. There are two things working together to get one common goal accomplished. As the wipers rise up from the bottom of the windshield, the one on the passenger side moves water to the middle of the windshield, while the drivers side wiper moves water off of the car. When the drivers' side wiper comes down, it takes the water left by the passenger wiper down to the bottom. Each wiper has it's own identity and area to work on, but they work harmoniously together to accomplish the same goal: making sure you can see the road while driving. This analogy made me think of a Venn Diagram in math (you know the one with the circles that overlap in the middle?) Well, Venn Diagrams are like a relationship. You have person A and person B. For the two to relate, they need to have some things in common, but also must maintain their individual personalities. If there is too much in common (friends, co-workers, etc...) than there is no individual traits remaining to distinguish personalities. (Also, you could relate that as one circle overlaps another, there isn't equal control in the relationship thus someone becomes a control freak and dilutes the other's personality.)

I hope these make sense, because they make sense in my head but I needed to get them out and I figured you would appreciate them. Take care and be safe in England. Say "Howdy" to the queen for me :)

God bless,

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Heather, thanks for sharing this with your blog-world. Talk to you soon!