Monday, July 20, 2009

Yesterday Boston. Tomorrow Portland

Boston is an hour south of Kittery. Chris and I spent the whole day there yesterday
We parked for free at the coast guard base (now doesn't that work out nicely)and walked around the North Boston historic district. This place is old.

We wondered around Faneuil Hall and the old Quincy Market then ate lunch at a really old Irish pub. It was next door to "the oldest tavern in America" but that was closed for lunch so we pubbed it instead.

We got to go on a free (military again) tour of Fenway Park where the Red Sox play. There is a lot of neat history there. Oh and we got free hotdawgs (that's me trying to pronounce it like a Bostonian).
We watched a stunt guy that Chris and I were quite sure was high climb a free standing latter in the middle of the sidewalk then juggled a bone, a bowling pin, and a stick while he balanced a spinning ball on his nose. And he dropped and egg named Gerald into a cup of water from 9 feet up. We don't know how he did that high.
We also watched Jamaican break dancer stunt men in the same area.
We walked by Paul Revere's house and a friggin old cemetary and the famous Old North Church (you know, I still have the first 3 stanzas of the poem, "The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere" memorized from the 7th grade.
Then we decided to get lost for a little while and when we found ourselves, we were at Hawvawd (Harvard in Bostonian). I think I'll go back there sometime to sit on the grass and read with coffee and feel smart. ha.

We didn't stop at Harvard though, instead we drove to MIT and walked around this giant domed neo-classical style building and took a nap on the grassy knoll in front of it. Then we watched some weird student juggle various objects and ride on semi-unicycle things. And then we self-taught ourselves some jitterbug stunts.

Tomorrow we are going to Portland!

I only get to keep him for one more week before I have to be alone for a long time.

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