Monday, July 27, 2009

Did you know that I live in the oldest town in Maine? Kittery was founded in 1617.

We rode our bikes a few miles to Kittery Point/ Fort McClary (cool place, but I'll spare you the history lesson) We parked da bikes and hiked along the cliffs from which we could see 2 lighthouses and we inspected the blockhouse fort and battery. We explored the forest and surrounding hills till we came upon a brackish lake and spotted an island close enough to wade to. So we did. We took off our new snazzy (investment) hiking boots and barefooted our way across oyster shells up the grassy bank. We sat and chatted and kissed there for a while. It was quite relaxing.
Now comes the sad part. On the wayde back from the island I stumbled and caught myself on non other than my boot holding hand. In slow motion, I watched the water spill into the tops of my boots. Ah! I have a strong dislike of wet shoes. So I continued my hike barefooted and just stepped carefully. Then opted to be a "weanie" (thanks chris) and let my very kind husband ride home by his lonesome and come get me with the truck so that I would not have to put my feet in wet socks and boots and quite possiprobably get blisters or something. I had a peaceful sit by the sea while I waited for him and he was probably happy too because he got to ride as fast as he wanted for once.


Anonymous said...

: ) I love love love your stories. But only a fraction of the amount that I love you.


Heather Paige Hunt said...

Oh thank you my dear. I love you too! I wrote you a divine letter yesterday. it is in the mail.