Monday, July 6, 2009

Watching fireworks over the sea from the boat

Tonight Chris and I watched an orangypinkpomegranate sunset from the flight deck of his boat and then doubly enjoyed the Portsmouth fireworks display. I say “doubly” becausewe watched it in both the sky and the reflection on the bay. GRAND! Oh so grand. What a horizon we have to look at here. From the deck, 9:00 is the pier, 12:00 is the entrance to the harbor, 2:00 is the old Portsmouth skyline which includes a high white steeple of a 17th century church, red brick white trimmed buildings that back up into the water, 3:30 is the drawbridges green from weathering (it was build in the 1930s as a memorial to the soldiers of WWI- of course it just says “World War” on it since it was constructed before the second one. Interesting.), 4:00 is our house although you can’t quite see if from the boat and 6:00 begins the naval shipyard. Chris was on duty today so I spent most of my afternoon on the boat with him. I love just hanging out with him. Hehe- after the grand finale, all the little boats around tooted their horns, so Chris and I ran up and blew our horn too! The biggest ship in the harbor= the loudest and deepest horn. It was quite funny.

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