Saturday, July 11, 2009

old email to Chris from back in January when we were still dating:

To Chris Man,

Guess what. I got to talk to my boyfriend on the phone today! He's wonderful, in case you didn't know. I have already told him several times, but I absolutely adore him. I honestly never knew that a man could be so genuine and so faithful, deeply spiritual, wise, servant-hearted, and dedicated to God and to me and so caring and giving and thoughtful and chilvarous and so honest/unrepressed about telling me about himself and what he calls flaws and so excited about knowing me and so undaunted by my faults and so welcoming/nonjudgmental in hearing about them and so willing to listen to me talk (sometimes about overly detailed things). He exhibits joy, patience, peace, wisdom, humility, unselfishness, self-control, and trust-worthiness. He is a man of integrity and it makes me want to honor him. How can you put all that together and still get an incredibly funny, impressively athletic, stunnilngly masculine and good looking, and exceedingly intelligent man that wears glasses AND looks good in them? Ya- he really does exist! Who'd a thunk? AND THIS GUY LIKES ME?! Oh my Lord, really? I can't believe this. I really think I might fall over.

From Heather Lady

(we hadn't said the word love yet)


Sabasue said...
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Sabasue said...

that is really cute. the "pre saying i love you" days are so giddy and fun. I didn't email Brian that list of things I love about him but he stalks my blog like a hawk so he got to see it :)