Friday, July 17, 2009

morning walk

I decided to walk to the coffee shop this morning. I crossed the Memorial bridge at low tide. 8:15am. The white fog was still lingering over the water. I had never seen the harbor so still. I was wearing blue and white so I felt like I blended in well. As I walked, I watched a small, lopsided lobster boat creep from her barnacle laden dock. She cut through the white fog and the fog-smothered glass (water) as well as the sleepy patch of bobbing seagulls, who rose and fell in the air like bars on my radio screen at the climax of an Edvard Grieg composition. The gulls fell back bickering to the water and resumed bobbing in the lone trail of wake. The boat half-way faded in the fog, but I watched her stop to drop her first line of lobster cages. Then I walked on.

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Laura said...

you're a poet :)