Sunday, July 5, 2009

I asked Levis if they had July 4th in France. He answered no and I laughed at him till he figured it out. I’m mean.

Oh! For the fourth, we drove down to Connecticut to visit the Masalin fam.
Friday we went to Ocean Beach on Long Island Sound. What a pretty beach. Ha- Chris and I are pretty cheap, so we didn’t want to pay stinking $14 to park. So, we just parked a couple miles away and hopped a fence, crossed a meadow, climbed some rocks, waded through an inlet, crossed a beach, climbed over more rocks, snuck over another fence till we got to our friends to eat cheap hotdowgs and play sand volleyball. To get back to the car for the dinner feast, we opted to sneak back over the fence and wade across a stream where young men were crabbing with nets- there were big ole crabs everywhere! Running over our feet while we walked with our shirts pulled up and my bag over my head- then we crossed a bigger meadow and walked along a road to cut across another meadow until we got to a bigger road which we followed to our car. Ha. We felt adventurous and well-exercised.
It was a weekend of feasting (and cooking), volley ball, bad mitten, and extensive wifle ball playing, go-carting, chasing small childrening, napping, and of course, jitterbugging on a several-acre retired farm. Oh what fun. The weather was ideal and land was so green and the hotdogs were cooked just perfectly and the ice cream really hit the spot. What a down home, country, lovin’ family of welcoming and stinkin’ hilarious people. Chris and I had a wonderful time.

Oh I forgot to tell you that we went contra dancing. Ya. It was interesting. Have you seen Pride and Prejudice or another movie set in that era? Well, contra dancing is much like what they do in the first scene. Except we did it to a merry live band of fiddles, a base, a banjo, a piano and surely something else too oh my. Hehe. I didn’t dance with Chris the whole time. I would get spun and swung by other random men- most of them old and bearded and even suspendered! Oh it was so funny. They were so adorable and it was weird to touch them. Usually you just look at old people and don’t touch them. But I danced with a fair share of old guys the other night. We may go again sometime. They dance give lessons in Dover City Hall every other Thursday.

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