Friday, July 10, 2009

my amazing husband

Chris is so sweet. I had praise band practice last night and he got home from rugby about an hour before I did. And he did all he dishes and cleaned the kitchen and swept! And he moved some boxes and metal stuff to the attic.
That and he is extremely good looking.
I got back and he was standing in the bed of his truck without a shirt on and he looked at me like he loved me and he said he missed me too much and pulled me up to him and hugged me a tight sweaty rugby hug. (polysendeton)
Last week he brought me beautiful yellow and purple field flowers!

-the beloved Mrs.

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Sabasue said...

Funny that you wrote this. My sister just wrote a blog about why she loved her husband and made a challenge for all us lil family/friend bloggers to write about why we love our husbands. My next blog is thus what I love about my hubster.