Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The sky in Portland, ME in gray. Well, just because it was gray yesterday doesn't mean it is grey all the time, right? Actually, Lindsey Allen said it pretty much is gray all the time. Despite the brightness of the diffused light that penetrated the layer of clouds and bounced back and forth from the ground to belly of the clouds and back in all directions like a jarred grass hopper and mine and Chris' failure to bring along sunglasses, Portland was pretty neat.
We walked around the old port and drove by poet, Longfellow's house and ate at a neat Pizza Pie place and saw four light houses and scoped out the coast guard base.

The fourth lighthouse was on the shore of an island. sorry no picture. it was brown.

There are so many islands near Portland! We walked around on this fort perched on the almost highest point in portland and looked out across the bay at all the islands and ruins of island forts. The boat traffic was more trafficy than it is here in Portsmouth and the variety of boats was a little higher. Map:

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