Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Here to there to the other there

I tallied things up on the plane. I have been on 9 airplane-involving trips in the past 8 months:

NYC third date-Dec/Jan
Proposal in ME-Feb
CO ski trip-March
househunting in ME-March
Portcall in VA-May
Clint and Tyf's Wedding in Missouri City-June
Oregon for motorcycle trip-August
Dom. Rep.-Aug
Back to Boston-Tuesday

I don't want to tally up up the costs. Ah! "Chris, it has been 8 months since the NYC trip on which you asked me to be your girl and 6 months since you asked me to be your girl forever and 2 1/2 months since that deal was sealed." And he said that he is still glad that he married me. Thank goodness.

Here in Texas, I got to go see my Dandy Dallas friends and drive to visit Collegiate Station bride maids. I helped Animated Amanda decorate her science classroom. Then Lovely Laura and I drove to see Delightful Dana in Amazing Austin. Tomorrow I will joyously embark on yet another trip. This time I get to see the manliest man that I ever did see. I cannot wait to see Chris! We collide at 3:25 tomorrow! I suggested to him that we tilt our heads left to avoid clunking.

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