Monday, August 17, 2009

Motorcycling Post-Canada

This morning, we drove through Glacier Natl Park of the U.S. So I got to compare ours to Canada's. haha. as for number and size of glaciers, Canada wins; as for sites, ours ups them! Adjectives do not exists to describe the spectacularness of this place. The valleys were just so deep and wide! And there were waterfalls everywhere. And we drove down high high guardrailess zigzaggy roads. I wasn't scared though. :). I love the anticipation of coming around a big corner or going over a pass and not knowing what you are going to see next. Will it top everything you've seen so far? Will it be normal? Will there be a mountain goat in the road? haha.
Right after we left Glacier Natl park, we came into 180 miles of treeless hills that were blown and blown by like 40-50 mph winds!! What a change! I felt like it was trying to treat my helmet like a parchute and lift it off my head. I got a neck work-out just trying to hold my head up and I had to plug my nose sometimes bc the wind was blowing up it so hard. ahaha. Tomorrow we are driving through Yellowstone national park, the Grand Tetons, and Jackson whole and are hoping to nip the edge of Utah and reach Colorado by night fall. Not so sure that'll happen- it's 539 miles. haha.

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