Wednesday, August 5, 2009

this time tomorrow

This time tomorrow, I will be in Seattle, Washington with my dad and his motocycle buddies.
This time tomorrow, I will already have started my 60 days apart from Chris. He's off to the Caribbean until almost October. So I cried on him last night and I probably will again tonight.

In the meantime, Daddy and I are riding the motorcycle from Portland, Oregon up through the Canadian Rockies and back down to Texas through Idaho and Colorado. I am really excited about this ride! He and I have been in 15 states on the motorcycle and this trip will add three more states and another country! Wow.

Right now, I'm sittin in the coffee shop here in Portsmouth. And a girl across the room is reading The Shack. (amazing book. go get it now.) So I got really excited and talked to her for a while. Did you know that New Hampshire/Maine/ Vermont is rivaling Washington/Oregon as the least christian parts of the country. We are currently at the raging 5%. My pastor said the other day that if you go to downtown Dallas (funny that he chose that example huh?) and cross two sticks and throw them in the air, 2,000 people will show up in that spot the next Sunday. Here it is a mission field. If you cross two sticks, even the crickets will hop away from you.

I made Chris chocolate chip cookies and sweet tea to take onto the boat. I also created an "I miss you" song list on his ipod, painted some Bible verses for him to hang up in his bunk, and wrote him a very loving letter. I'll post excerpts from the letter later. And I will try to get those wedding pictures up. I am so behind. Stay tuned for news of 47 degree Canadian beauty!

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Sabasue said...

i just got a little teary eyed reading this cause it reminded me of that last night with brian. it is great that you are heading off to spend time with family. It helped me immensely!!!!