Monday, August 17, 2009

Motorcycle trip winds down

and down and down and down and then back up and up and up and up the Bear Tooth Highway. This road was ridiculous! We zigzagged like 4-5 laps up the side of the same mountain. Sharp turns, steep inclines, lots of motorcycles! We went above the treeline to 12,000 feet and even then, we kept going up. what the heck! We saw the bowls of long gone glaciers from above them in stead of just below them. We pulled off to look at some mountain goats and a chipmunk sat in my lap. He crawled into my lap and sat on it. Yea.
Yellowstone was pretty sweet. It's a supervolcano. What kind of idiots drive on top of a supervolcano. Us. We sat and watched Old Faithful spit and steam and headed down to the Grand Tetons. The Obama's were there two days after us. They put the park on lockdown for their visit.
Geeze- we had to drive till 11:00 that night and I didn't eat dinner. It was so stinkin cold! The stars were AMAZING though! I saw a shooting star and two meteors and a few satellites, of course. The other guys didn't get to see them because they had to watch the road. naninanibooboo.
The next day we made a break from Southern Colorado and made it. We drove down this crazy high highway from Silverton to Durango and that was pretty sweet. Then we went down to Santa Fe and ate downtown. What a cool cool place! So cool! I want to go back sometime. Third Honeymoon or something (chris and I plan to have at least 5 honeymoons).
Then we drove thorugh a pretty intimidating storm to Amarillo, slept, got up and ate a bagel and drove to Dallas. Yay- 8 days and 3900 miles later, I'm home.

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