Sunday, August 30, 2009

Gate D49 to Hispaniola

We didn't really do a whole lot of expewhateveryoucallthems. We mostly lounged around the resort and stared at each other. haha. Chris said he didn't mind spending the money to get me down there since we sorta owed ourselves a honeymoon. The honeymoon was great, don't get me wrong. It was just an exhausting 2,000 mile road trip. So relaxing was good.

Man, during the last 40 minutes of that plane ride, the people around me probably thought I was crazy- secondly switching from one position to another, looking out the window and then giggling, drumming on my legs, fidgeting my fingers, bouncing up and down, and other forms of intense anticipatory behavior. When we pulled in I practically ran down the terminal. The customs line was the longest short line I've ever waited in. haha. I rushed through the doors toward the little dirt parking lot and there he was. My fingers forgot my roller suitcase as I ran and lept the swiftest of leaps onto him. It is funny how natural your body does things like that. I didn't have to strategize how I would get my eager self onto him. I just saw him and a few seconds later, my arms were around his neck and my legs were around his waist and my head was to the left. No banging, clunking, or slipping. It just worked. All the taxi drivers were whistling at us and laughing. Chris just let me hang there like a sucker-foot toy monkey and picked up my bag to walk to the taxi. He's such a hoss. Later, I apologized for dropping the bag, but he said he liked it. In the cab, I just stared at him and smiled then teared up and buried myself in his chest.

The resort was pretty pretty. The beach was fabulosa. We went sea kayaking, played in the waves, took moonlit walks on the beach, danced a little bit, considered going snorkeling, and spent a lot of time lounging on these neat swinging white beds on the beach just talking. As you can imagine, there is much to talk about when you have been apart for a month. Then again we email everyday, so there is more to kiss about.
It was great to get a kiss goodnight and wake up beside him in the morning again. It was like a much needed refreshment or a spoon full of sugar.
He had to be back to the boat by 1:00am on Friday morn. My plane didn't leave till 4:00pm. So he tucked me in and kissed my forehead at midnight and headed out. In dramatic female manner, I threw myself onto the mattress and cried outloud till I accidently fell asleep, but in a way that is oddly romantic. On the way back, I would journal something sweet and laugh then two seconds later tear up. I'm sure that the people around me, once again, thought I was crazy.
Right now, I am in a sortof afterglow bright mood. I'm so happy. I love it. I wont see him till the day before October. But I have plans to keep me busy in Maine and God is faithful. I'll be okay.

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