Saturday, September 10, 2011


Our friend, who tends to abbreviate words in unique ways, calls free tickets "frickets."  Well, Chris and I have had the perkiest week of our time in NYC so far- by that I mean a week with more perks than ever before.  See, occasionally, shows give out frickets for military members or we find opportunities to go to frevents and occasionally we seize those opportunities.  Well, I guess this week those shows knew that Chris and I needed to get a lot of dates in before this baby comes!
Saturday we got frickets to Blue Man Group (one of the weirdest experiences of my life so far); 
Sunday we went to a free Army Band concert at West Point (beautiful!  Will write about this later);
 Wednesday we got frickets in the orchestra section to Wicked! In other words, we went to see "Fricked." (this ranks in top date nights absolutely!  Oh and we had a $25 gift certificate to a nice restaurant in Greenwich Village. can it get better or cheaper than that?);
Last night, we went to the Jimmy Fallon Show, which is always free, but not always easy.

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Miss Michelle said...

So happy you got to have a wonderful date week! Sounds like soooo much fun. And about Wicked... is it truly as amazing as people say it is? I have yet to see it!