Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sandy Hook. And my belly.

I accompanied Chris to a First Aid/ CPR class at CG Station Sandy Hook yesterday. The class was helpful, but draining enough to warrant a nap on the beach afterward. Sandy Hook penninsula boasts the beauty of any Northeastern beach, but is quite unique in that the New York City skyline stands only miles from its northern side. For a few hours, we laid in the sun on the empty beach watching rain clouds unleash on Manhattan and Staten Island in the distance.

Then we headed to dinner at a clam hut marina. Our fried shrimp tasted great, but sadly, I can no longer eat a full portion in one sitting because there is no room in there for my stomach to expand! Whenever I eat too much, my ribs hurt from the pressure. See, look how chubby I am.

This baby is still very active, which is fun. :) He usually wakes up when I lay down at night and I lay there and feel him for 15 mins before we both fall to sleep. Whenever he doesn't wake up, I miss him.

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