Monday, August 15, 2011

Common Question: So, how are you feeling? (often accompanied by belly touching,

which is actually okay as long as I know the person because I am pretty touchy myself.)

Answer: Well, I am feeling pretty darn pregnant. I am not ready for him to be out yet, but I am ready for him to not be in! Yes I am excited about motherhood, but that doesn't mean I'm ready.

With many things in life, like the end of final exams or the date of a GRE or getting to a rest stop when you really have to pee on a long road trip, we comfort and motivate ourselves by saying, "OK I just have to get to that day and it will all be over. Then I can relax!" It is not so with pregnancy. The third trimester gets pretty uncomfortable, but, while there is an end date, it is not one on which " it will all be over and I can relax." When I try to give myself the motivating pep talk, it comes out "OK I just have to make it to October... then there is going to be a needy baby! Ah!" Haha.

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