Friday, March 4, 2011

An Announcement.

Heather's Text to Paige Marcella Rieck Hill:
Hey Paige, guess what I am.
It's a sort of state of being or a condition if you will. an unplanned and unanticipated but never the less (after a bit of adjusting) welcomed one.
The condition itself is temporary, but the effects are pretty darn permanent.

Paige's Response:
You have a parasite.
That you will name.
And grow to love

Heather's Response:

I remember once in college (I don't know why Paige and I were talking about child rearing), Paige said that God gives children to parents on loan for a while to love and to train. Correct me, Paige, if you can say it better than that.

Chris said it looks like a peanut,
but I can kinda tell that it is going to be human. See the big head on the left and the little body with arm and leg nubs on the right?

My sister, Katie, commented
"I showed my friends at work and Laura said it looked like a gummy bear. Everyone loves gummy bears and they are cute, so tell Chris that it looks like a gummy bear or I thought it looked like a black eyed pea..."

But since he/she looks so much like a Peanut, he/she has been dubbed Little Linus.  Let it be known that the birth name will not be Linus.  


DreamingofArnold said...

A HUGE Congrats! :)

Jennifer Zila said...

you're having a black eyed pea?! i'll start praying for him/her now :) will they start touring immediately or wait until after potty training...

Max said...

congratulations! Your life will be full of love for this gift from God.

Heather Paige said...

Thanks Max!
And Jenn, you're hilarious. :D

Elisa said...

:D!! What a gift from God! I know you and Chris will be great parents. I love you sister!


Elisa said...

:D!! What a gift from God! I know you and Chris will be great parents. I love you sister!


betty said...

Love the little peanut!! I will never forget how I felt the love of God and the miracle of birth when my first one was born. Come to think of it the other one too! haha!!