Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Marmie from Little Women

"I want my daughters to be beautiful, accomplished, and good; to be admired, loved, and respected; to have a happy youth, to be well and wisely married, and to lead useful, pleasant lives, with as little care and sorrow as God sees fit to send. To be loved and chosen by a good man is the best and sweetest thing which can happen to a woman, and I sincerely hope my girls may know this beautiful experience. It is natural to think of it, right to hope and wait for it, and wise to prepare for it, so that when the happy time comes, you may feel ready for the duties and worthy of the joy.
... not that they would marry rich men merely because they are rich, or have splendid houses which are not homes because love is wanting. Money is a needful and precious thing- and, when well-used, a noble thing- but I never want you to think it is the first prize to strive for. I'd rather see you poor men's wives, if you were happy, beloved, contented, then queens on thrones, without self-respect or peace."


OnMyWay said...

I have two daughter, age 13 & 15, and I love this post. It is exactly what I wish for my girls. Thank you for sharing.

Davidhayter86 said...

very true well said!
if only everyones opinions and feelings on the subject where the same

Heather Paige said...

When I was 15 years old, my dad took me to a nice restaurant- the kind of place a man proposes at- just the two of us. we dressed up and everything. He talked to me openly and comfortably about the importance of keeping myself pure until marriage. We discussed how I should date and why I should date that way and how boys think and how to not tempt them and about the purpose of marriage and the purpose behind not living like a married person before marriage. Then he presented me with a blessing and a ring. I can forward you the blessing if you give me your email address. It is really beautiful. The ring symbolized my commitment to God, to my dad, and to my future husband to wait. I wore the ring until my dad took it off of me on my wedding day and gave it to my husband. I am very thankful for the way my dad loved me and was so open with me and available to nonjudgmentally talk to me about anything through my youth. And I am not sure that I would have found the kind of husband I have now if it weren't for his loving example.

He did the same with my younger sister who is now 20 and is on the same track.