Friday, December 3, 2010

The grocery store found my journal.

It is officially winter now, but here is a journal entry from the once lost but now found fall journal. November 19:
I like rakes less than leaf littered lawns. Right now, my back yard is smothered in orange and the historic village in yellow. I often stare from the store porch and smile.
I like sunny days when the translucent yellow leaves glow overhead and turn the forests into light sources.
I like windy days when gusts send leaves stampeding down our village streets passed trees redder than stoplights. And when bigger gust wrench stragglers from their branches and create leaf blizzards!
Most of all, I like sunny windy days when an occasional gust scoops leaves up into a glowing yellow torrent, swirling them about in a 10ft tornado. I stopped to watch one today. When I crossed an old village street, the wind first tried to pick up my gown then launched 100s of unraked leaves into the air and danced with them. I watched then twirled too on my way to my station.


Gail said...

I like this blog. I wish Texas trees were prettier like the ones up north. I'm so glad you got your journal back!! Yay!

Kathey, David, and Josh said...

Glad they found an returned your journal. Thoughts written are like the leaves that fall. Blown about and unless recorded they are moved along by time not to return in the same light and form.