Thursday, April 17, 2008

Newest Member of the Pine Cove Timbers Staff 2008!

I just found out that I am working at Pine Cove again this summer and I am so super exicited! It is a total God thing-
I was looking at my calendar and my summer classes end abut halfway throught the summer. So I prayed that God would put me to use and direct me where to serve him during those extra weeks. And THE NEXT DAY, I woke up and thought, 'hey i think I'll call Pine Cove and tell them I'm here if they need me." I didn't expect much because they have already finished all their hiring, but I knew that sometimes something goes crazy and someone gets a snake bite or gets sick or quits at the last minute So I told SnickerSnoodle that she could throw my name into a hat and put it if they need me to fill in for a week or two. So she said sure and sent out a little email about me to camp directors. Well, THAT HOUR a girl that was supposed to work at the 8th and 9th grade camp called Elgapo and quit- said she couldn't come after all, that she was really sorry and wasn't coming. So Elgapo was about to have to scramble through extra late interviews to find someone to replace her when he recieved the email about me. So he called me immediately and started scoping me out. I was so excited all day yesterday, my legs were shaking and bouncing in class- then he called me and offered me the job this morning. So I am working the whole second summer session on Chaos: kitchen crew, programs and skit staff, and runner at the Timbers Camp! It is so crazy that this was not even in my head 2 days ago and now it is happening. I am super mega excited! God is so good. He's quick. I really need the lift before I go into career mode too.

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