Saturday, April 26, 2008

His sufficiency supersedes my deficiencies... if I let them. (aka: Your Grace is Enough)

I’m struggling with the adjustment. I have to be honest. I have up days and down days and up hours and down hours. Overall (but not quite overwhelmingly), my joy is in the Lord. I am content, more than content, really. Paraphrase 1 Thess. 5 and Phil 4: “Be joyful always and content in all circumstances, in times of plenty and times of lacking.” That is something I have always strived for and now I am just being challenged more than normal. My emotions seem to want to be haywire and I find myself wanting to wallow in my discomfort, whether God could console me fully or not. True: He brings me peace and comfort and I have occasional bursts of gladness in which I smile and dance around because His mercy astounds me and renews me continually. Then there are the times that I cry. and I feel dumb- what % of people in the world are starving and I am distraught because of romance deficiency. It’ll get better in time. Time.

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