Thursday, June 21, 2007


So I definitely bought a ticket to fly to Cheyenne, Wyoming yesterday evening and Callum drove me to Houston Bush Intercont. Airport at 6:00 AM this morning! I flew to Denver and connected on an 18 passenger plane to Cheyenne-one seat on each side of the isle; there were 6 people on it.
Dad and his two riding buddies drove their Harleys up to South Dakota this week and they swung by and picked me up on their way south. today we drove through an amazing mountain pass and threw snowballs (in tshirts). I hiked across a roling hill green meadow with wild flowers and i think that was bear poo- really. I've seen two eagles and many antelope already. we crossed the Continental Divide. Now I'm in Steamboat Springs Colorado. say wow. be back sunday night.
NEXT DAY: Today we drove from Steamboat Springs, Colorado through New Mexico and into Amarillo, TX. That's 650 miles in 14 hours. I saw some REALLY beautiful things! We drove through Winter Park and Breckenridge and very close to Beever Creek. They're interesting in the summertime. I saw a traditional steam engine train as we were winding down into a valley- black, barrel nosed and spitting out lots of white steam ChooChoo. I felt like I was in the old west. We drove along the continental divide again and passed Pikes Peak. When we first came over the hill and saw the peak- it was perfect- clouds cast shadows on everything except there was a perfect hole over the peak in the distance and it was bright white with snow! We came down into a valley with a lake in it- there was nothing on the lake except one sail boat. the water was like glass- it was absolutely perfect!

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Wayne Shepherd said...

That is great! I will be waiting for you at the airport! See you soon!