Saturday, August 25, 2012

Simple Pleasures

Blue Eyes and I headed to the Rutgers Farmers Market, scrounged up every metal disc in the car and counted $4.03.  I tasted some sausage and some wine and a butter-toasted pecan then spent what I had:

Spinach turnover                                                                        $1.50
Ear of "picked this morning" sweet corn                               $.45
Wild flower honey straw                                                          $.50
Heirloom tomatoes 1 yellow, 1 maroon, 1 striped green   $1.50

We took our small meal to Rutgers Gardens and ate it under a fine tree.  Then we explored the flowerbeds, discussed the processes of photosynthesis and pollination (no, he didn't understand, but he's a good listener) and did some yoga on a grassy lawn.   I enjoy the simple things most. 

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