Saturday, August 25, 2012

Favorite Passtimes of a 10-month-old

  • Emptying the shoe rack
  • Climbing on top of the empty shoe rack
  • Climbing on top of the toy chest
  • Climbing on top of the printer
  • Staring longingly into the bathtub wishing those things would come out so that he could throw them in again, then turning his attention to the trashcan.  No!
  • Being in the same room as mommy (unless daddy is home)
  • Sitting underneath the coffee table, bouncer, or desk then getting stuck between the bed and the wall 
  • Reorganizing the DVD collection... onto the floor
  • Scavenging for lost cheerios... among other things.  Don't eat that!
  • Saying "ba ba da ba da da" with gusto
  • Testing the strength of the screen door with his lean
  • At all times having the company of a foam letter, a block, a sock or a wetwipe package in each hand (When he crawls with blocks, he sounds like a woman in high heels and socks cause him to slip and slide as he goes). 

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