Monday, February 1, 2010

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I'm suddenly crazy about sweet Italian sausage. So for dinner tonight, I had penne pasta with sausage and green peppers with sea salt and a touch of Parmesan cheese. I made it up. I ate it on a red plate because things taste better off of red plates. Oh and I got a Fish Eye Cab for 5.00. I haven't had wine around since the week you left. While I cooked, I listened to the Singing in the Rain soundtrack. I was dancing and spinning around the little kitchen with a wooden spoon in my hand. It was fun- esp since my long sweater would twirl out when I spun.
Now i have a girly song stuck in my head- "All I do is dream of you the whole night through. And with the dawn I still go on dreaming of you. You're every though you're everything you're every song I ever sing. Summer Winter Autumn and Spring. And further more the 24 hours a day may be spent in sweet content dreaming away. The skies aren't gray; the skies are blue morning noon and night time too. All I do the whole day through is dream of you." :) I miss you sweetheart. I wish you were here to twirl me around.

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Jennifer said...

Hey Heather!
just wanted to say hi from jacksonville. It sounds as if you are doing well and loving life while terribly missing your man at the same time! Just wanted to touch base. We are well here at RCC...moved into a new building. The best news is that we are expecting a baby in August! Fun times! have a great day!
Jennifer Curell